Cashcade have been active in the gaming space for over 6 years and have in that time been both a software developer and marketing organisation. Most recently the company has promoted IGT casino software as well as Casavas bingo software for clients such as; SMG, Trinity Mirror, P&O, Attheraces and many more.Additionally, the business has developed its own brands and Foxy Bingo into high successful products in their own right.

Cashcade co-founders Simon Collins and Patrick Southon have announced the formation of a new digital gaming venture capital fund to be supported by Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment PLC.

New Game Capital, as the fund will be called, has been set up with an initial £15m investment from the online gambling giant with the intention of investing in high potential start-ups in the monetised digital gaming sphere.

Since leaving day-to-day operation at Bwin.Party Simon and Patrick have been tasked with developing the fund to ensure that their former colleagues at Bwin are at the vanguard of new developments and innovations in the realm of real-money, virtual currency and social games.

And as promised the team have begun to deliver with today’s announcement of their first foray into the investment market with a first round investment in social bingo provider Avatingo.  Commenting on the investment New Game Capital described Avatingo as a “multi-platform virtual world with a personalised social bingo experience.”

Patrick re-affirmed the fund’s commitment to social gaming saying “casual games have brought digital gaming into the mainstream of the global entertainment industry and have attracted millions of new users to gaming over the past five years.”

For further information on New Game Capital or to contact the team you can fill out the contact form here.


Changing Face Of TV

August 3, 2010

By Simon Collins, Founder, Cashcade Ltd.

Rapid TV News analyses the changing nature of TV.  One way it does is this to organise round tables among key industry figures to help get a sense of the trends and issues they believe are important at the sharp end of the business.

imageThey recently looked at the way in which the TV and gaming and gambling industries are working together and in some cases forming partnerships.  Here’s how the round table was framed : ‘Over the past few years we have seen an enormous change in the relationship between the broadcast and gambling worlds. Regulation in Europe is now starting to change radically, presenting barriers and opportunities to existing or would be operators. In the UK advertising gambling services has been permitted on TV for some time, and with the shift in Ofcom’s licensing to recognise gambling as Teleshopping we now have clearer opportunity for broadcasters and gambling operators to work together to bring new transactional revenue generating content to TV audiences’.

Cashcade’s very own Mark Segal, our Finance Director, went along to join the discussion which you can see here.


By Simon Collins, Founder, Cashcade Ltd

PartyGaming is proposing to merge with bwin to create the clear market leader in online gaming with leading positions in poker, sports betting, casino and bingo.  Cashcade, which joined the PartyGaming Group in July 2009, looks forward to the opportunities that this merger will create.  For more information about the proposed merger, please go here.



By Simon Collins, Founder, Cashcade Ltd.

Innovation in the UK online gambling market is moving so fast that even the most tried-and-tested practices are being abandoned to build valuable new niches.


Affiliates have long been a crucial aspect of marketing for entrepreneurs entering the burgeoning online bingo space.  However, one start-up is taking a different route to market, believing that affiliates aren’t necessary.

Tryst Bingo is a new offering that will be keeping all of its marketing in-house and is relying on some of the more cutting-edge social marketing techniques, such as Facebook, to build its player base.

To those outside of the industry this may not sound particularly significant.  However, in the world of online gambling it’s the equivalent of a FMCG company launching a new product without using TV advertising.

The new game is being launched by Fatbronze Ltd.  The company’s Barry Smead explains the thinking behind the plan : “Starting a business whereby you give away lifetime player revenue is not in the interests of the company. We intend to reinvest our revenue not give it to affiliates. Fatbronze Ltd mission is to provide online gamers with the best choice of games and player experience this can only come from continued investment.”

Developed using a skin from Cashcade, and using the 888/Dragonfish software, Smead is confident that, with the many years gaming industry experience behind it, Tryst will be able to achieve a strong presence in the market place.

The site’s name was conceived when researching dictionary terms for having a good time and meeting new people.  “Tryst; a meeting of two lovers” – the player and the game.   However, it’s evidently a meeting to which affiliates aren’t welcome. What do you think? Can a new company succeed without affiliates?


The Economist’s Gambling Survey

July 15, 2010

Trends in online gambling.

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Is It Over For The Small Guy?

May 12, 2010

Consolidation is the buzz word in the industry nowadays. Gone are the guys in small teams who work hard and are all committed to driving revenue 12 months each year. We now see a culture where year-end profit is more important as it increases the attraction of a sale.

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Is the niche profitable?

October 30, 2009

By Ben Starr, With the industry becoming more and more monopolistic, can a niche online bingo site survive? Everyone reading this has been part of the online bingo boom over the last few years and it is interesting to see the industry evolve in a similar way to other industries.  The sector is perhaps [...]

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Are AdWords Bad Words?

October 14, 2009

By David Hansel, Partner, Hansel Henson LLP & Christian Panayi. The important matter of whether Google can lawfully allow advertisers to use its AdWords service to bid on keywords that are registered trade marks ought to have become a lot clearer as a result of a much anticipated opinion of the Advocate General of the [...]

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Foxy Takes Up Poker!

July 23, 2009

By Simon Collins, Director, Cashcade Ltd. We are delighted to be able to announce that Cashcade Ltd has joined forces with PartyGaming PLC. As well as offering an absolutely first-class gaming experience for our 2.2 million registered players, our success has been achieved with an amazing team here at Foxy Towers, and innovative marketing campaigns [...]

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The Economist On Online Gambling

July 20, 2009

A look at the economist article about trends in online gambling.

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